Cabo de Gata - beach clean-up and Olea Europea


On Saturday, February 24th, a diverse group of individuals living in Almería gathered for an enriching half-day experience in Cabo de Gata.

Our day commenced at the Cabo de Gata Lighthouse, where we were joined by a knowledgeable local guide from AgataVerde. We embarked on a scenic walk, discovering the volcanic origins of the landscape and learning about the efforts to preserve the sea and natural park.

Following this, we had the privilege of meeting a representative from the Clean Ocean Project Cabo de Gata, who enlightened us about beach clean-ups. Spending two hours at Cale de Corralete beach, we diligently collected a significant amount of trash, predominantly plastic debris originating from boats. This impactful activity left a lasting impression on all participants, sparking conversations about the importance of environmental conservation and proactive measures to safeguard our planet.

Following our rewarding beach clean-up, we ventured to the village of Pujaire, where we had the pleasure of visiting a quaint family-owned olive oil grove and rural accommodation.

Alberto, the knowledgeable and enthusiastic owner, provided us with insights into olive tree cultivation and the intricacies of olive oil production. Our visit culminated in an olive oil tasting session, complemented by an array of local delicacies including cheeses, breads, and more.

It was truly a delightful experience!

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