Topics for tailor-made itineraries 

Discover beautiful natural beaches, relax by the pool, indulge in an Arabian bath. Take a walk to capture the magical sunset or immerse yourself in your favorite book on the terrace of a family hotel surrounded by nature. It's important to rest, recharge, and unwind.

Embark on hiking/cycling routes throughout the province. Do you prefer a circuit along the coast or inland? Or is your plan to explore the Tabernas Desert? We'll design routes and sports activities that you'll enjoy.

The province of Almería is renowned for its gastronomy. From seafood to excellent fruits and vegetables, olives, cheeses, to wine. Experience the unique culture of tapas in the capital city or venture inland to taste local products.

Do you want to experience true romance like in the movies and trot on horseback on the beach? Or venture inland, to the deserts, or on a multi-day horseback pilgrimage? In Almería, dreams come true. And you don't even need any previous experience.

Cabo de Gata is one of the best-preserved and protected coastal areas. Explore the underwater world with a wide range of water activities. And if you wish, you can even rent your own boat. Craving adrenaline? Try diving, kite surfing, or wakeboarding.

Let's create a custom road trip according to your ideas and desires. Do you want to sleep in a new place every night and discover plenty of interesting places and experiences in a short time? Then let's go for it! Rent a car, and we'll take care of the rest. Get inspired HERE. 

Are you longing for an extraordinary experience that will dazzle all your senses? The offerings here for discerning clients are abundant. From boutique hotels in the heart of natural parks, SPA hotels, yacht rentals, and Michelin-starred restaurants to tailor-made individual experiences. Let's create together a unique stay you won't forget.

Almería is a place of traditions, live music, dance, and visual arts. From jazz to flamenco, you won't be bored. If you arrive during Easter or Christmas, you won't miss the local magnificent processions. Throughout the year, you can connect with the locals during various festivities such as Carnival or the August 9-day Feria de Almería.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, Almería is a well-known destination combined with Malaga and Granada. The quality wide roads, enjoyable curves, great views, and climate here create excellent conditions. Download the official circuit map and let's create an accompanying program together and find the best hotels and restaurants. 

Did you know that the province of Almería has been the filming location for a number of famous western blockbusters, modern films, and series? The most famous movie locations are: the Tabernas Desert and the beaches of Cabo de Gata. Follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones, legendary cowboys, and action heroes. Download the new unique map of movie locations here. 

Meditation - yoga - mindfulness - coaching, increasingly mentioned in recent years and increasingly associated with group retreats. Why not organize a so-called retreat in Almería? In the magical landscape near the sea. Connected with the local culture, gastronomy, and experiences.

The nine golf courses in Almeria boast stunning settings, whether inland or along the coast. Close to these tasteful golf courses are accommodations of the highest quality, ranging from luxury apartments to private villas designed specifically for enthusiasts of this type of vacation, which you can enjoy year-round thanks to the local climate.