Experiences and Activities

Almería city

If you're looking for a pleasant break during your stay in the city, treat yourself to a hot bath at the local Arabic baths Almeraya or at the Aire hotel and taste local Arabic teas, sweet treats, or even head straight to a renowned falafel and hummus for dinner. The most beautiful view of Alcazaba? From the terrace of Teteria Almedina. 

In Almería, you cannot miss the majestic fortress of Alcazaba and its beautiful gardens and views. Also worth visiting is the local cathedral. In the city center, you can admire a variety of beautiful historic buildings, visit museums and galleries, or take a walk along the reconstructed Cable Inglés. Professional guides are also available.

If you visit Andalusia, you will surely be captivated by the art of flamenco and Spanish guitar. In Almería, typical but non-touristy performances and concerts are often held. It's worth spending a few nights in the city and attending a flamenco performance on the terrace of the cultural center La Guajira or a jazz concert at Clasijazz.

Cabo de Gata

The protected area of Cabo de Gata offers a unique opportunity to observe the night sky without light pollution. Join an experienced astro-guide to explore the sky - during a night walk or while sitting on the beach. When was the last time you saw the Milky Way with the naked eye?

The coastline of Cabo de Gata will not disappoint you, with its wild beaches, interesting rock formations of volcanic origin, and caves. A guided tour includes photographic documentation and time for swimming. Suitable even for complete beginners. 

Dive beneath the surface, whether with a snorkel or with an oxygen tank. Explore the beautiful underwater world and immerse yourself in its depths. Experienced guides will take care of beginners as well, ensuring you'll have a fantastic experience.

A romantic dream for many... to ride horseback on the beach. Also available are rides along the coast and through the inland areas of the natural park. Suitable for beginners, couples, and groups alike. Undoubtedly unforgettable. 

Boat trips are an easier and more stable alternative to kayaking. Enjoy the waves, fresh breeze, and a new perspective of the coastline from the deck. During the circular cruise, you'll see many sights from beaches and caves to fortresses.

Cabo de Gata is a vast area that includes not only beautiful beaches and viewpoints but also inland areas with remnants of volcanic activity, small towns, and estates. With or without a guide, you can explore on foot or by car and cover the highlights of the entire area in a single day.

Contribute to the preservation of nature and sustainability during your stay in Cabo de Gata. Mass tourism benefits no one. Get involved in local initiatives. We can include activities such as beach clean-ups, ecological walks, or visits to local food producers in your itinerary. Get involved and leave with a great sense of accomplishment.

Do you enjoy cycling, especially mountain biking? In Cabo de Gata Park, there are plenty of nice trails, whether more or less hilly. If you don't feel confident riding alone, local guides will lead you around, and you can easily rent a bike on-site.

The region of Níjar, where the natural park is located, is known for its mining history. Visit the ruins of the surface gold mines in the town of Rodalquilar and its surroundings, and gather a few small gold nuggets for luck.

 Alpujarra region

The Apujarra region is known for its excellent conditions for wine cultivation and production. Especially in the vicinity of villages like Laujar de Andarax and Fondón, you'll find numerous small family wineries. Would you like to learn more and enjoy a tasting with the owners, accompanied by local delicacies? We will arrange a visit for you, and you'll take away great memories along with a bottle of wine.

The products of the region are characterized by earthiness, rich flavor, and honest craftsmanship. From Serrano ham to olives, cheeses, to stuffed croquettes, migas, potato dishes, and sweet treats. Let yourself be recommended restaurants and tapas bars, or let's prepare a customized gastronomic tour for you during your travels through the region.

The Alpujarra region contrasts with the rather dry coast of Almería. Here, in the summer, you can enjoy shade and breathe fresh air. However, even in winter, temperatures don't drop too low, and you can go on nice hikes and walks both in the countryside and through authentic villages. 

One of the very popular and photogenic places is the bed of the Andarax River, which has created unique canyons and pools in certain areas. Ideal for cooling off in the summer and an extraordinary experience. By wading in the pleasantly refreshing clean water, you can walk for several kilometers.

Almocita, a small village inhabited and visited by a variety of artists and creatives. Painted house facades and beautiful corners are sure to please you. A visit is definitely worth it during the summer art festival or concerts throughout the year. Visiting the village can easily be combined with other activities in its surroundings. 

At the border of the provinces of Almería and Granada, on the Palacon River, you can try adrenaline-filled canyoning - waterfalls, slides, rappelling, climbing... This activity can only be done with a guide. we will arrange a reservation for you or refer you to recommended agencies and include it in your itinerary. Beginner level.

Tabernas desert

One way to enjoy and explore the Tabernas Desert is to rent a car with sturdy tires and four-wheel drive. I highly recommend not venturing into the area with a rental car on your own. It's better to go with a guide, where you don't have to worry about anything and can reach the best spots.

Exploring the Tabernas Desert, especially visiting the famous film locations, is possible on foot, by bike, motorcycle, or even on horseback. Ideally, it's best to go with a local guide or follow tried and tested routes. Embark on an adventure in a landscape unlike any other. Just 40 minutes from Almería.

In the Tabernas Desert, you can visit two western towns - Oasis MiniHollywood and the smaller Fort Bravo, which also offers camping accommodations. During the day, you'll find yourself in the middle of a western movie set. You can look forward to gunfights, horses, dance performances, good food, and drinks. A visit to the mini zoo is also worthwhile.

Other experiences

The Pulpí Geode is an amazing geological monument known for its giant crystal formations. This cave marvel, located in a mine, is home to some of the world's largest gypsum crystals, reaching lengths of up to 11 meters and forming over thousands of years. The geode can be visited with a guide. 

The Cuevas de Sorbas is a captivating underground labyrinth of limestone caves. These caves, formed over millions of years by water erosion, boast intricate formations and amazing stalactites and stalagmites. Cuevas de Sorbas offers an unforgettable journey through time and nature, showcasing the beauty and wonder of the underground landscape. Guided tours are available.

Near Cuevas del Almanzora, inland in the province, there is a lake where you can enjoy a lot of fun - Lunar Cable Park is the center of wakeboarding and other activities (water skiing, paddle surfing, kneebording, etc.) for enthusiasts of an active lifestyle. The 5-tower cable system WakeParX boasts the latest technology in all of Spain.