Sunseed - Desert Technology guided visit


On Saturday 17th February an international group visited the community of Sunseed in Los Molinos del Río Aguas. The visit was sponsored by Davatravel agency

Something about the project

Sunseed. Desert technology is a non-formal education project for the transition towards sustainability residing in the off-grid village.

Sunseed is based in an ancient little Andalusian village with a long historical background. The electricity is provided by solar panels, a nearby water source is providing water for daily use and natural water treatments are used for sewage. With around 50 inhabitants it is a place of different creative projects like Sunseed, Pita-Escuela, Mirador, Casa de la Realidad and Cultura de la Tierra.

Vision: To discover how to live a healthy and ecologically responsible life working in harmony with nature.

Mission: To realise, demonstrate and communicate solutions that support a low-impact lifestyle.

Goals: Close cycles, use solar energy, grow food, protect soil from erosion, eat vegetarian diet, use low-tech energy efficient devices, reduce-reuse-recycle.

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The tour began with an introductory circle and a discussion about the history, main vision, and goals of Sunseed. This was followed by a tour of the facility, where participants had the opportunity to explore the various departments and areas. Highlights included a visit to the community garden, showcasing numerous solar-energy-based inventions for growing produce, composting, drying fruits, and utilizing water, among other things.

The tour was completed by a vegan lunch with the community.

After lunch, the group embarked on a brief walk (approximately 4km) along the river, surrounded by stunning natural rock formations and flora. This walk can also be extended to a circular hike (approximately 9 km).

Would you like to visit Sunseed or enjoy a hike along the only river in Almería which contains water all over the year? Let's include it in your itinerary.

Please note that Sunseed has to confirm the visit and ask for a financial contribution.