Dining in Almería - Michelin Guide 2024


The Michelin Guide is a prestigious annual publication that reviews and rates restaurants around the world, awarding coveted Michelin stars to those deemed exceptional. Originating in France in the early 20th century, it has since become a global benchmark for culinary excellence.

Restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide are rigorously assessed by anonymous inspectors who evaluate various criteria, including the quality of ingredients, culinary technique, creativity, consistency, and overall dining experience. These establishments are classified into different categories based on their quality and level of service, with the highest honor being the Michelin star.

Almería, known as the Spanish Gastronomy Capital in 2019, boasts a diverse culinary scene that reflects the region's rich culinary heritage and gastronomic innovation. While traditionally known for its fresh seafood, tapas culture, and Mediterranean cuisine, Almería's dining landscape has evolved to embrace modern techniques and international influences.

In recent years, several restaurants in Almería have been recognized and featured in the Michelin Guide, highlighting the city's emergence as a culinary destination. These establishments range from quaint local taverns serving traditional Andalusian fare to upscale fine dining venues showcasing innovative dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

The inclusion of Almería's restaurants in the Michelin Guide not only elevates the city's culinary reputation but also attracts food enthusiasts and tourists seeking exceptional dining experiences. It underscores the region's commitment to culinary excellence and its contribution to Spain's vibrant gastronomic landscape.

Located in a residential district of the city, Travieso serves innovative cuisine centred around seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. The à la carte is complemented by a selection of more informal small plates. (guide.michelin.com

Chef Dani Muñoz, after working in some of Almería's most prestigious kitchens, has embarked on a personal project filled with gastronomic nuances and inviting decor that encourages guests to savor cuisine with all their senses.

The cuisine is based on creative cooking with a strong emphasis on local ingredients and traditional Almerían recipes. Specializing in meats and fish with bold and innovative preparations that change daily.

Signature dishes are prepared in full view with a carefully curated selection of the finest market products. An extensive culinary offering that you won't want to miss. Travieso Restaurante offers a cozy space with excellent service where you can indulge in fine dining. (traviesorestaurante.com)

Choose between the informal gastro-bar and an attractive dining room where the fusion cuisine on offer combines the traditional and the contemporary. Products from Almería take centre-stage here. (guide.michelin.com)

The Gastronomic Space is located in a cosmopolitan and welcoming setting, where the spotlight shines on the highest quality ingredients from Almería and its province. They rescue traditional recipes and cook them with the experience and creativity of their chef, Tony García.

It is divided into three spaces to enjoy flavor in all its intensity: Miniature Kitchen, for everyday dining; Tasting Menu, to personally experience a gastronomic journey; and Events and Celebrations. (tonygarciaespaciogastronomico.com)

Located in La Vega de Acá, a residential district that continues to expand, VIVO Gourmet features a modern terrace, a bar area where guests can also buy gourmet products, plus a contemporary dining room. The up-to-date à la carte includes dishes with a nod to Peruvian fusion cuisine, but also features an impressive selection of excellent charcuterie from Extremadura, T-bone steaks and an enticing array of aged meats (Rubia Gallega, Frisona, Angus, Wagyu etc). (guide.michelin.com)

A family-run restaurant offering a reasonably extensive à la carte of traditional, contemporary and fusion dishes. Impressive selection of meats (breeds such as Avileña and Rubia Gallega) as well as some imported all the way from Finland. (guide.michelin.com